Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another Walker Broken Promise: "Put more deer in the forest." Walker can't blame Doyle....

What, deer numbers are declining? Yes, we saw low deer numbers going into the 2013 hunting season, a hot issue for Scott Walker, candidate. That can't help bring in tourism dollars.

Rewind to Sept. 2, 2010 jsonline:
Remember the outrage...?
Walker called for an independent auditor to monitor the health and population of deer, saying a third party is needed because many hunters had lost faith in how the Department of Natural Resources manages the herd. Barrett and Neumann said it was needless expense … Walker said as governor he would take politics out of deer management with a so-called "whitetail deer trustee." DNR wildlife staff said a "gag" order exists in the department regarding the position.

Walker also pledged to "put more deer in the forest" … Like many hunters, Walker said he got tired of standing in a tree stand last season and not seeing deer. Walker said he has been hunting for three or four years and has not killed a deer.

Mark Toso, president of the Wisconsin Deer Hunters Association said Walker is "trying to feed off of anti-DNR sentiment" and frustration among hunters.
Declining deer numbers Under Walker…oops! Looks like that's a BROKEN PROMISE. Blame the harsh winter … for the last 3 years?
The Wisconsin DNR is asking people to report any dead deer they see as the agency works to track the harsh winter's toll on the state herd.
Scott Walker is getting a big pass on an issue he blamed Gov. Jim Doyle for during his campaign for governor:
Walker says Gov. Jim Doyle and the state Department of Natural Resources have engaged in "political games" and "put bureaucrats in Madison ahead of hunters of the state." Walker claimed that the "deer population has dwindled" as a result of "mismanagement" by Doyle and the DNR.
Excuses excuses? 
Last year's significant snow and cold that persisted into May resulted in lower deer numbers going into the 2013 fall seasons antlerless permit numbers at their lowest levels since the 1990s.
Can’t blame former Gov. Jim Doyle for this DNR failure and deer herd management disaster:
…in northern Wisconsin, where deer numbers have been declining. DNR officials anticipate no antlerless permits or extremely limited numbers of antlerless permits in many northern counties this fall to help the herd recover.
You can thank our “deer whisperer” from Texas, privateer and "white tail deer trustee" James Kroll. 

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