Sunday, February 23, 2014

Walker's Messed Up Reason for Denying Medicaid Expansion in Wisconsin!

Scott Walker is either dumb or playing dumb about Medicaid in Wisconsin.

When Walker brings up again and again the recent cuts to Medicaid, he's really talking about the GOP backed sequester cuts. Walker is successfully using his party's own costly public mistakes to tar and feather the Democratic Party.

The state is paying 40 percent of Medicaid right now. Under the Affordable Care Act, it would be reduced to just 10 percent. Even if the "government reneged" on its payments in the future, which isn't likely under a Democratic congress or president, would it see a cut of 40 percent? Get real.

Walker also complained the state had to pay more for Medicaid. Well yes, considering the slow jobs recovery from the Great Recession, which was also caused by Republican deregulation. Maybe if we stopped letting Republicans screw things up...

Vermont Governor Peters Shumlin takes Walker to the wood shed for turning down his own federal tax dollars. No matter how you look at it, Walker put Wisconsin taxpayers on the hook to pay more of their own money on health care for premiums and to cover hospital costs for the uninsured. Fox News:

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