Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lawless Obama won't enforce laws? And those Six Republican States that say they won't enforce ObamaCare?

So Republicans are now worried (dog whistle) our president (not legitimate) won't enforce the nations laws:
Wonkblog: The Obama administration has made numerous adjustments and tweaks to the Affordable Care Act … Two recent decisions – one to delay enforcement of the employer mandate until 2015, and another to allow Congress to continue paying for health benefits – have raised questions about how far that discretion should go, whether the White House has overstepped its executive authority.
Republican strategists took advantage of the delays by shifting their own ineptitude as a party to Obama, who they now claim won’t enforce any new immigration laws either.
Paul Ryan: “If the president isn't even willing to enforce a law he and his party wrote, like health care, what’s to think he’ll enforce a law that we get him to sign like immigration reform, like border security.
Feigning concern, Ryan and his Republican fakers don’t want Obama to ignore the law, because...Oops, in the same article was this amazing hypocrisy:
Texas won't enforce Obamacare's insurance reforms. "Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma and Wyoming have all notified the federal government that they will not be policing the health law. Becca Aaronson in the Texas Tribune
Like Paul Ryan, Republicans believe they've got the higher ground on issues, and therefore are justified in their irresponsible tantrums that take them off the legal hook.

Which is why a despotic takeover of our constitution and government is really just a simple majority party away. They will flip the country like they've flipped so many states, despite the massive public protests we've seen already . Father figure Republicans know what’s best for us:
Ryan: “Leaders have to take positions that may not be popular sometimes if they think they're doing the right thing.”

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  1. Are you starting to see through the false left/right paradigm now?

    There are only two wings on the eagle...the left wing and the right wing.