Saturday, February 8, 2014

AG Candidate Brad Schimel ready to see changes in Secret Probes: "Public is concerned about how long (John Doe) has gone on."

Republicans have quickly turned the State Justice Department into just another political arm of the Walker Authority. After J.B. Van Hollen's transparently partisan reign ends, he wants to turn the keys over to conservative county DA Brad Schimel, who has already been given his talking points about a very inconvenient second Scott Walker John Doe probe.

Republicans want to make it illegal to conduct what is currently a legal investigation into possible illegal campaigning during Walker's recall election...I guess there are just too many of them.

In what can only be seen as a down-the-rabbit-hole explanation, Schimel told Upfront's Mike Gousha that he's all for changing the way secret John Doe investigations are run in the state. Does Schimel believes people are starting to lose confidence in the corrupt way Walker is running the state?
"...But I know there's a crisis in confidence. That the public is concerned about what they're hearing about how long this has gone on, and they're starting to have doubts."
Just so much bullshit from a guy who could head up the Justice Department.

jsonline: Assembly Republicans may consider revising the state law allowing secret John Doe investigations: Speaker Robin Vos  said "It is my understanding that other states do things differently." Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) quickly blasted the idea floated by Vos. “Republicans' desire to weaken John Doe law shows they are once again willing to go to extremes to avoid accountability and to hide questionable or potentially unethical actions for themselves and their allies."

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  1. Who's this "public" you're referring to, Mr. Schimel. Do your an your crooked bubble-boys in Waukesha County, who hate any accountability for GOP politicians ?

    Out here in the real world, we want the corruption rooted out and EVERY DOLLAR TRACKED. You got a problem with that, suburb boy?