Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sleazy Scott Suder; No Class in or Out of Office.

Let’s be adults here, and admit, what former Rep. Scott Suder did with his remaining campaign money was illegal. It’s not ambiguous, so it’s not hard to say he got caught, it’s that simple.
jsonline-Jason Stein: After announcing he was leaving the Legislature last fall, then Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder splurged and spent the remaining $5,700 in his campaign account on items like a new Apple computer, $2,000 in mileage money to himself and a steakhouse dinner, a review of candidate filings shows.

By law, spending from a state campaign account must be for a political purpose and not for a candidate's personal benefit, though the lines between those ends can be blurry. Hardware such as the computer, Suder bought it a month and a half after leaving the Legislature, must be used primarily for political purposes. 
So why did he buy a computer so long after he was already out of office? 
Suder told the website WisPolitics in case he decided to run for office again or needed it to help a former colleague seeking campaign help. 
Yea, that's the ticket. And unlike most every other retiring politician, Suder showed his true colors:
Suder didn't give any of his $5,721 in leftover funds to charity or other candidates. Suder used the campaign account to pay cellphone charges through late October, including a $580 charge from Verizon on Sept. 23 that didn't match other regular bills from that carrier. $106 on Sept. 25 at Fleming's, a high-end steakhouse in Madison. $291 at Sam's Club for office supplies on Sept. 13.
And don't forget about his now exposed deal with a group of lobbyists disguised as United Sportsmen of Wisconsin:
$194 to the Kewaunee Inn for a hotel stay on Aug. 23. That last stay was part of a Lake Michigan fishing trip taken by Suder and officials from United Sportsmen of Wisconsin.

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  1. If he got a promotion for attempting to defraud the taxpayers of a half million dollars with subsequent annual installments of a quarter million, why would he think it is okay to use that money for personal
    It is the J.B.H. principle " it may have been illegal but it wasn't criminal" (if we did it)