Sunday, February 2, 2014

Walker's condescending letter to the President. Propane shortage just an excuse to look presidential.

The free market lobbyists for the propane industry are raking in huge profits shipping supplies overseas, while taxpayers come to the rescue of homeowners hit with propane shortages. We pay again.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin's  been all over this:
Senator Tammy Baldwin today continued to push the Obama Administration for action on the propane crisis in Wisconsin. Last week, in light of the fact that propane exports increased by 120,000 a day while Wisconsin faced a supply shortfall, Baldwin called on President Obama to moderate exports to ensure consumers have the fuel they need to keep warm through the winter.
Our tiny little dictator, Scott Walker is also chiming in, telling the president what he would do. In the following transparent attempt to look presidential, Scott Walker looked even more desperate. WKOW:

Dumb Ron Johnson's typical detached response?
Johnson Announces Staff Mobile Office Hours Dedicated to Propane Shortage Assistance

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nonquixote said...

Suggested this previously, where is the investigation to prosecute distributors for price gouging. Several articles have mentioned that there was an acute awareness of supplies being short going into the early winter. Why do these types of appearances of contrived manipulation of commodities not fall under the heading of domestic terrorism?