Thursday, February 13, 2014

GOP Politician and CEO Chris Kapenga writes law to protect his business from Wage Increase, lowering wages Statewide.

Republicans not only oppose raising the minimum wage, they’re now reducing wages in Wisconsin.

Maybe business interests will rush into the state knowing wages in Wisconsin are heading downward. 

Who’s to say what other GOP gimmick will cut wages and benefits even more. That’ll put money back into our wallet? Give me a break.

While Scott Walker bribes voters with a small tax cut, the legislature is taking twice as much away, hoping knowing one will notice. They did notice, big time:  
WKOW: A bill that would abolish local living wage ordinances for state and federally-funded projects drew a large, irate crowd to the Assembly Committee on Labor Wednesday morning, barely 24 hours after it was introduced. Rep. Kapenga introduced AB 750 on Tuesday, had it scheduled for a public hearing Wednesday and will have it voted on by the Committee on Labor Thursday morning.

Self-serving Political Overreach-It Pays to write your Own Laws: Can this conflict of interest be legal? This is literally a CEO of a company writing a law that will reduces wages statewide just so his business isn't affected. What an asshole.
"My company is in Milwaukee and the second I saw the news story come out that there may be an ordinance put in place, I started working on this," said Rep. Kapenga, who owns a computer software business.

Both the City of Madison and Dane County require their own employees and the employees of their contractors to be paid a living wage, which amounts to $11.33/hour for the county and $12.45/hour for the city. 

While AB 750 wouldn't allow living wages for work that is paid for in any part by state or federal dollars. 

"I think the bill is very hateful, spiteful bill that is aimed at low-income families," testified Michael Wilder with Wisconsin Jobs Now, a Milwaukee non-profit organization that fights for higher wages. 
Uppity Wisconsin has this coverage.

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