Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arizona still on the Edge of Lunacy, Prompting Business and Individual Uncertainty.

While the media pretends this ones over, can any business really be confident enough that something like this won't happen again in Arizona, or anyplace for that matter? Not a chance.

The Root River Siren beat me to the punch on Wisconsin's own "religious freedom" proposal that the GOP wants to etch into our state constitution, I do want to emphasize that before Arizona's fiasco, we called these draconian attempts "conscience clauses."

I've blogged about this stuff before, and warned that this is one of the most chaotic and divisive idea yet devised by the conservative cancer eating away at our country.

The conscience clause would allow the total breakdown of our system of laws, not to mention our individual freedoms. You wanna see "uncertainty?" Pass these "conscience" based laws.

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