Saturday, February 1, 2014

Walker thinks Wisconsin's just not ready for Marijuana, as state falls further and further behind.

Opposite Day everyday in Republican World: Is Scott Walker moving the state "forward?" Surprise, opposite day!

With not even a mention of allowing medical marijuana, Walker has decided for us that we're just not ready yet. jsonline:
"I've never experienced this, but I can't imagine people socially smoking the way people have a beer or two at a wedding reception. There's a huge difference out there. So in the end, I understand why people make that argument (for legalization), but in our state, I don't think we're ready for that."
What, you're surprised?

Our moral leader, the people's go to father figure, always knows what's best for us.

You can bet if Rep. John Nygren's daughter needed medical marijuana instead of treatment for heroin addiction, we'd have it in a heartbeat.  Guess we'll have to wait for a Republican legislator to be personally affected first, before we even think to help someone else's kids or adults that could use treatment.

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