Saturday, February 22, 2014

Walker chose Homophobic and Racist Staff then and Now!!!

MSNBC's Chris Hayes hit on the real revelation of the newly released stack of emails. Hayes points out "the shear jaw dropping offensiveness" of a few of those emails.
Hayes: "What kind of work environment exactly would it be all okay to get this in your inbox and then forward it to an unspecified amount of coworkers and subordinates...but think about the kind of work environment in which a chief of staff sends this kind of email to his subordinates. An email that is explicitly homophobic, racist, antisemitic and offensive in every way possible? ... These are the thoughts people who are in charge of things like, oh I don't know, running the states welfare system." 
He nailed it. But the press here is about to move on because, as they claim, the state is already firmly divided, so no one wins, no one loses. Really? Or are they just a little too lazy to ask Walker why he likes these people?

Cap Times reporter Jack Craver said this about his current staff on WKOW's Capitol City Sunday (9 am):

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  1. Walker's Wankers should be more than a little worried. Word gets around. If they are ever sent to spend some time in a PMITAFP, what will be the chances that their racist sexist and homophobic bile will precede them?

    It's a bad bad world and Walker's Wankers are far from the baddest people in it. Good thing they won't be spending time in a state prison after all the "improvements"
    they have made to them.