Thursday, February 13, 2014

Media Noticed: Journal Sentinel now disputing Walker's ridiculous Doyle/Burke jobs loss claim. It really was the Great Recession.

Scott Walker actually ran on the lie that tied Gov. Jim Doyle to the job losses during the Republican Great Recession. No one corrected him, and it's been a pet peeve of mine for years.

That lie is starting to get media exposure, finally:
jsonline: The Republican Governors Association tells the Washington Post it plans to spend six figures on an attack ad against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke ... hit Burke's tenure as state commerce secretary under Walker’s predecessor, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle. 

"Burke’s campaign for governor has been based on her experience as a senior member of a job-killing, budget-busting, big government administration,” an RGA official said. Walker himself has tied Burke to Doyle ... said Burke implemented Doyle policies that, in Doyle's second term, "saw the state lose more than 133,000 jobs." 

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Walker's statement Mostly False.
Experts agreed that Wisconsin’s economy was caught in the same economic crash that crippled the entire country -- the recession was deeper and more severe than any single state’s policies, including those of Doyle.
By the way, the Governors Association's statement on "big government administration" is laughable when you look at what Walker has done for local control, from taxes to cell towers to sand mining to wind farms to sick leave to possibly minimum wages to vouchers to voting times to...

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  1. This is a form of abuse known as’gaslighting’.
    These politicians feel through their exceptional narcissism, that they can mold mass instincts and well observed truths into demagogue diatribe. Ron Johnson, Scott Walker and my favorite sociopath, master gaslighter, the clever but never the less diabolical, Glen Groethman.