Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thanks Governor Walker, Statewide Budget Cuts forcing communities to hire Private Police Officers.

Perhaps someday we'll have to pay directly for police services to our homes and neighborhoods, and only if we can afford it. If we can't...well, some fire departments are already insisting on payments upfront to save your house from burning to the ground. Now that's what I call freedom and liberty. No reason to be nervous?
WPR: La Crosse is developing a new community policing program, with one of its officers paid for privately – a funding model that's new to Wisconsin … two new community police officers have an office in a former residential home in central La Crosse. From there, they’ll patrol their beat by foot and bike. The city's tight budget has prevented the switch, until now. 

According to the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, the number of police officers in the state has dropped over the last five years because of funding issues. Executive Director Jim Palmer said privately funding public safety could become a trend. 


  1. I believe George Zimmerman may be available.

  2. The article says that the private funding is coming from a health care system and a university.
    I thought health care and higher education costs were two of the biggest squeezes on folks these days, and both health care and education rely heavily on government payments in the form of things like Medicare, Medicaid and the GI bill.
    So maybe this private funding is at least in part paid for by taxpayers, but at minimum it's coming from folks who are already hard pressed to pay medical and education bills.