Sunday, February 23, 2014

Right Wing Denial over Walker Email Disaster Laughable.

The cliched partisans whining of conservative public radio pundit Steve Prestegard knows no bounds.

As a former radio guy myself, I never could understand how Prestegard became the go to guy for analysis. While getting factual details wrong, Prestegard takes the easy way out by bashing liberal caricatures doing fictional things that conveniently help make his case.

He even blames Hillary Clinton for their interest in the emails and...Walker's misdeeds and 6 arrests?

Oh yea, it's also unfair for "the court of public opinion" to know just who their governor really is. And never-mind about the probable behind the scenes conversations, office talk, backroom discussions exemplified in those racist trash talking emails. It just doesn't happen?

Rationalization: In full panic mode, Prestegard spins, dodges and rambles on about how Scott Walker never broke the law, leaving out the general disdain Walker's office had for everyone else.

Short and sweet, this edited audio from WPR's Joy Cardin Show, is embarrassing stuff, but also a funny example of "bubble talk:"

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