Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Incidental Governor Walker says Anti-Minimum Wage Bill not his idea, aw shucks.

Those big government social engineers in the Republican Party are big bullies, forcing Gov. Walker to sign their stuff into law, or else? That's what Scott Walker, future possible candidate for president, wants you to think. Hey, he doesn't talk about such things.

So our incidental governor is at it again with this whopper;
And will the clueless press begin to understand what Scott Walker  is doing?
While Walker says the bill is not a part of his agenda, he also didn't say whether that means he would sign or veto it should it pass.
Will the public now realize their mild mannered "jobs focused" politician is responsible for helping this "agenda" become law?


  1. This seems to be quite the pattern for Mr. "Unintimidated", isn't it? By not saying "No", Scotty is saying "Yes," and if the Dems had any guts, they'd be hanging this around his neck and making him answer.

  2. Clique republicans designing poverty. This goes beyond Class Warfare.