Saturday, February 1, 2014

Not his bag, Walker forced to sign social issues legislation into law? That's what he's selling.

It was bit ironic that a "social issue" turned up in the Wisconsin State Journal this morning at the same time our wise presidential wannabee, Scott Walker, is warning Republicans not to focus on that stuff. Yet every GOP representative from Wisconsin voted for more abortion restrictions and against medical privacy for women. It's true:
“One of the things I encourage other Republicans, not just governors, but other Republicans running or in office, is our focus should be on the things we’re elected to do,” Walker said. “Just in general we shouldn’t take the bait and get off on other subjects.”
What, Democrats are baiting Republicans to attack women's health rights and privacy? Nothing is ever their fault, is it? And yet...:

Scott Walker's amazingly simple ploy; he lets his Republican social engineers send him stacks of "wedge issue" bills to sign into law. That scheme has not only kept him out of the limelight, but it's made Walker appear moderate to independent voters.

And that's what he's telling his fellow Republicans to do now; legislate, pass but don't talk about social issues. The people don't need to sweat the small stuff.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Nice catch, John. As you bring up, with Walker, the anti-woman actions speak louder than the lack of words on social issues. Remember that Mr. Unintimidated signed those abortions bills in private before a long weekend.

Can we get a media that does even a modicum of research and fact-checking? Thanks.