Monday, February 3, 2014

Cutting off the Revenues to Spite our State....

Rep. Dale Kooyenga assumes his background as an accountant somehow makes his ideological tax cut rantings good policy, when it's anything but.

What the Walker administration is doing, besides repeating the same bad tax cut policy as George W. Bush, is instituting TABOR, the "taxpayer bill of rights." TABOR was a bust, but that didn't stop Republicans from reworking it, so it accomplishes the same thing.

Like TABOR, Walker's tax cuts ratchet down tax revenues every time they whittle away at the surpluses. These cuts are permanent and lost revenues for future budgets. So if you want to improve schools, parks, government infrastructure, technology, or the environment in the future...forget it, because the state is bringing in just enough money to use what we have until it breaks.

Plus, "projected surpluses" are based on current policy. So if current policy changes due to a whole bunch of tax cuts, doesn't that change the size of the surplus?

The smirking egomaniac know-it-all featured in the clip here projects his ideologically driven infallibility, what we used to call a "sure thing." Most adults have learned to never trust a sure thing, so why are we buying into Kooyenga's scheme? Good question.

Like the borrowed, "charge card" tax cuts under Bush, Kooyenga is calling these "pro-growth tax cuts." My head is spinning. The MacIver Institute:


  1. "Pro-growth tax cuts" Hahaha. He's talking the Laffer Curve. This is where they'll spend down a "surplus" with a tax cut and increase revenues at the same time. LOL

  2. There's a reason I call that guy "Koo-Koo." Mostly because what he says can be easily debunked with a small amount of research.

    He's much like Paul Ryan- he looks convincing and at first glance seems to smart, but then you look into what he's saying and you realize he is CLUELESS.