Thursday, February 27, 2014

What, who would ever politicize Public Education and Common Core, asks Tea Party Rep. Jeremy Theisfeldt.

What is it about Republican lawmakers writing sloppy laws? Aren't we all tired of hearing them say after the fact how shocked they were that people would use the laws in ways they didn't “intend?”

Well, here we go again. Tea Party Republican Rep. Jeremy Theisfeldt is ticked off the superintendent of public instruction would take the lead on education. Fancy that.
WSJ: State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers unilaterally adopted Common Core. Legislation is now pending.
Theisfeldt wrongly believes Evers is actually more worried about losing power than improving education in Wisconsin. Everything revolves around “power”…if your Republican, not public service.
DPI is fighting a turf war to avoid its power being curtailed by SB 619.
And how about Evers worry that legislators will politicize education? Impossible?
DPI has particularly targeted the end of the proposed revision process in which legislators could potentially debate and amend standards. While conceivable, this would be unlikely. I don’t know a legislator who aspires to reach that point.
That’s right, the law would allow the complete politicization of education…but no one would ever do that, right? Forget about writing the law to prevent that. Who would do that?

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