Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Walker Criticism over Emails coming from Naysayers who want things bad to happen in Wisconsin?

Hypocrites on the right have another big problem; projection.

While Republicans keep waiting and waiting, hoping for Obama failures, they've resorted to manufacturing them instead. They're hoping ObamaCare will fail, they want the minimum wage to fail, they wanted the auto bailout to fail, hoped the stimulus would fail, hoped foreign policy failed, know instinctively Common Core will get the idea, right?

Well here's Mr. Projection himself, Scott Walker, claiming the "naysayers" on the left are always hoping for failure, especially when they're just pointing out his record. The Authority is above all that. Nice try but...

Walker's glaring example of projection is almost laughable. From WKOW raw footage:


  1. Earth to Clueless guy...

    All of those items HAVE failed! They will continue to fail. And the next big idea they have will fail.

  2. Is it true that a person can legally be ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation and be committed to care and treatment on the testimony of just three other people?

    Simply a consideration of an easier road than impeachment.

  3. Republicans said the same thing about us libs when Iraq was going downhill from 2005-2008. "Are you rooting for failure??"

    No, we just recognize a horrible, failing GOP policy and want it ended as fast as possible. If it takes a few bad things for more people to catch on and end it, then that's the way it goes.

  4. Yeah, I'm a naysayer.

    I'd like to see Scott Walker sentenced to a stay at a PMITAFP.

    PMITAFP = Pound Me In The Ass Federal Prison.

    These recently released emails should make Scotty a real popular item with his brother inmates.