Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pro-Life Wisconsin beating up on Girl Scouts now, Boycotting Cookies. Still don't think they're crazy?

After opposing pro-life health care access for all through the Affordable Care Act, isn't it time “pro-life” activists say enough is enough. Really, Pro-Life Wisconsin is now going after the Girl Scouts too?  

In what is a cooked up campaign of anti-Planned Parenthood swill, Pro-Life Wisconsin along with its national chain of zealots, has now determined the Girl Scouts are bloody accomplices to killer doctors.
They want you to buying this too! 
Pro-Life Wisconsin is asking its members to reconsider purchasing Girl Scout cookies, saying the organization is too closely linked to the abortion rights movement. In an email to supporters Monday, Pro-Life Wisconsin said that "while some local troops' activities may be wholesome, sadly, Girl Scouts USA promotes radically, anti-life women, such as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, as role models, regularly partners with pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood for 'educational' activities, and encourages girls to fight for abortion on demand."
As usual, Pro-life Wisconsin doesn't need to have its fact straight, because it’s the smear campaign and public intimidation that’s most important to them. From WKOW:

Think twice though, says Pro-Life Wisconsin:
"They get involve in promoting, and advocating for women's reproductive rights. And we know what that exactly stands for." 
And we know they shouldn't obviously have those rights. Hey how about a lie?
Pro-Life Wisconsin told its supporters that "approximately 15 percent of each box sold goes to the troop. The rest goes to the regional and national organizations of Girl Scouts USA."

That's not true, said Christy Gibbs, a spokeswoman for the Badgerland Council … No portion of cookie proceeds goes to the national Girl Scouts organization, she said. Of the $3.75 per-box retail price, about $2 goes to the regional council to pay for programming costs. While the organization's 112 regional councils do provide funding for the national Girl Scouts of the USA, that money comes from a portion of registration fees (not the cookies).
Still want to give them your money via a state sanctioned license plate? Proving you don’t have to be too smart to be a part of this cult, state director Peggy Hamill made this dumbfounding comment about the actual allocation of money:
Told of this, Peggy Hamill, Pro-Life Wisconsin's state director, said "our concerns still stand. Money is fungible. Regardless of whether it's actually the cookie money supporting the national Girl Scouts, we know that money goes from the regional councils to the national organization."
That's right, keep any of the educational elements away from the Scouts. From CBSLA:

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