Saturday, February 15, 2014

CBS is the new Fox News, after blaming ObamaCare for Out of Network Hospital.

This CBS story is so wrong it's no wonder the RNC picked up on it.

Really, research?
After a couple signed up for insurance on the health care exchange, their child needed treatment at a local children's hospital that wasn't considered an in-network facility by the insurer.

The reporter blamed ObamaCare for some reason when we know the marketplace only provides access to insurers, not individual doctors or hospitals. The parents in this piece should have looked a lot closer at their policy choices first. But CBS should have known better:

Before watching this hack job, keep these facts in mind:

1. Insurers always have their own in-network doctors and hospitals, where they've negotiated terms of payment. Being excluded from other insurers is not "unprecedented" as one doctor describes it. 

2. Two other insurers in the Marketplace to include Seattle's Children's Hospital. 

3. Dr. Sandy Meltzer is either ignorant or a crazy ObamaCare opponent.

4. The reporter presents two false premises: that the Affordable Care Act was to provide a wider network of doctors and lower premiums. Actually, no one knew, but hoped this would happen. Yet reform changed that model, and premiums have seen historically slower growth.

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  1. Gee….I've NEVER heard of an insurance company telling you which doctors and hospitals services you can use…BEFORE OBAMACARE.
    Except that they have DONE IT FOR DECADES.

    Yep, CBS is trying very hard to overtake FOX and they have succeeded.