Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Walker makes sneering comments about Mary Burke, but adds "he hasn't been the one criticizing her for it."

Now that Mary Burke has come out swinging on the minimum wage, the WISGOP tune has changed from "why can't she tell us her plan" to "now she's grandstanding."

But even worse is the incidental governors ignorance of the market, and how fundamental demand is for job creation and business expansion. Demand, Scott Walker, the one thing tax credits and tort reform cannot create. If the following condescending response is a peak at what we'll see in the Walker/Burke debates, Walker's toast. In response to Burke's proposed minimum wage hike to $10.10 an hour over a few years Walker said this. WKOW:
"That's what happens when you don't have a jobs plan. You pretend to have one by pointing to something like that," Gov. Walker told reporters on Wednesday morning.  "We have a jobs plan, we've been implementing it, we'll continue to implement it."
The Walker jobs debacle makes what he said sound like a...threat.

Walker has done nothing to produce the states surpluses, but he will take credit for them. He's feeding off the supposed mismanagement and "horror" of Obama's socialist dictatorial recovery. 

But why is Walker running on his jobs record? Because he is desperately trying to make his promise inconsequential...old news. But Burke had this angle: 
Burke questioned why (she needs a jobs plan now), saying that Walker himself didn't have a jobs plan during his 2010 run for Governor until March of that year.
Here’s where our incidental governor shines. Soft spoken and detached from the swirling controversy's around him, Walker is again playing the victim and nice guy trying to take the high road:
But Gov. Walker said he hasn't been the one criticizing her for it (jobs plan). "I've just said if people are gonna comment about it, you'd think they'd have a plan," said Gov. Walker. "If the whole reason she got in was because of her background talking about jobs, if that's the number one issue, I'd think I'd have a plan of how I'd get there, but, I can't speak as to why she did or did not."
Which sounds a lot like the WISGOP talking points. This weird ability to appear to be on the sidelines isn't new:
Capital Times Contrubutor Joel McNally wrote:
When “Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker refuses to submit a budget with a tax increase to pay what it costs to run the county, he has essentially made his role as county executive irrelevant. The County Board passes its own budget every year to run the county. Walker criticizes the board for raising taxes. Then, the next year, Walker adopts the county board's budget from the previous year as his baseline and says he won't raise taxes beyond that.
Walker even managed to delay a devastating report about Milwaukee County going bankrupt under his control, so it wouldn't hurt his chances to run for governor. Back in October 2010 I wrote:
And the Greater Milwaukee Committees reported recommendations were not going to be made public until after the election, because…get ready for this…”members didn't want this to become some sort of political football during the fall election campaigns.”- H. Carl Mueller, (who is) a Milwaukee PR executive who sits on the committee.

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