Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good chance GOP takes Senate? Why, because of their austere anti-everything ideas?

The prevailing wisdom in the press is seen in their recent spate of headlines:

Kurtz is a dick anyway, but so are almost all the other clueless reporters looking for an easy headline.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the Republicans threatening to take the Senate last time when the Democrats picked up two additional seats? But Howard "both sides do it" Kurtz is under deadline so he cranked out this mess:
Fox News: Republicans have the advantage in the upcoming midterms. But along comes the American Conservative to declare that Obama shouldn’t fear a GOP Senate. Suddenly the imperative to obstruct the Obama agenda begins to recede. A different incentive structure will take shape: the party will have to govern, or at least appear as though it’s trying.” 

If they control the Senate machinery, Republicans will be able to launch twice as many investigations as they can now by holding just the House. They will be able to block Obama nominees, creating a sense of dysfunction. They will be able to bring bills to the floor, while Harry Reid watches helplessly, solely for the purpose of forcing Democrats to cast politically dangerous votes that can be used in attack ads. 
Still not noticed by the pundits: Scott Walker has suggested will run for president if he can “rule” the country under one party, like his administrative cake walk in Wisconsin. No one ever said being governor or president had to be hard work, especially when it comes to freeloading Republican career politicians like Walker, who can't get enough of being on the public dole.


  1. I'm happy to see that Howard Kurtz finally joined Judith Miller at Fox News Fantasy Island, the perfect employer of journalists who have lost all credibility.

  2. We are dropping “The Bomb” on ourselves. We can’t stop the industrial juggernaut we have unleashed. Or hatchet men like Walker who nourishes this nihilistic world view. Perhaps our extinction will be the parting grace of the human race