Sunday, February 9, 2014

Greg Spotts' documentary "American Jobs" tells us what we need to know about TPP.

Greg Spotts directed what is still a relevant must see documentary, "American Jobs." With the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatening even more jobs in the U.S., it's time we look back at all warning signs.

Why do we have long term unemployment, declining wages and more people living in poverty? Well, we instinctively know the answer, trade deals that exported jobs, but political and corporate interests have done everything they can to obscure the truth. Research has shown "free trade" has hurt labor in the U.S., and diminished the middle class. From the myth of a "skills shortage," to guest worker Visa's for supposed labor shortages, something has to change. From 2005 or so, this CNN appearance:

See more here, from the dearly missed PBS show NOW:

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