Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jordan Davis's Murder...ends in Mistrial!

This is how stand your ground has changed our view of shooting someone, and the lower value we've put on life, especially black teenagers:
USA TodayCircuit Judge Russell Healey declared a mistrial on the first-degree murder count. A Florida jury found a software engineer guilty of attempted murder and shooting into a car full of teenagers, but they could not agree on first-degree murder in the death of one of the teenaged boys.
You could see that shocking verdict in the face CNN's Don Lemon, and the guests that followed:

Here's what a very shaken legal reporter Sonny Hosten had to say, while people in cars circle the court house shouting "Not guilty," and the Jordan family's reaction:

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  1. On the day Martin Luther King died, the citizens of Atlanta, Georgia got into their cars and circled the capitol, honking and yelling out the windows “He’s dead, he’s dead.. yahoo!”
    Now their grandchildren celebrate the death of another martyr.