Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not just the Party of No, but the Party of No Jobs

Two big job creators are being blocked by the same Republican Party that can’t stop talking about the job creators. Clue: “Jobs” might be a trick into passing their many theoretical “Path’s to Prosperity.”

Since reducing government just takes control away from the people, the plan they have is an ugly one. Welcome to their capitalist utopia.
Finance: Just Like That, the ‘Party of No’ Is Back: Within the space of a few hours, Republicans put roadblocks in front of a pair of popular legislative proposals that supporters insist would create jobs, increase economic growth and alleviate a lot of human suffering.

1. A hard core of conservatives in John Boehner’s conference would oppose almost any immigration reform acceptable to Senate Democrats, but Boehner blamed the problem on a lack of “trust” in President Obama.
The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that comprehensive immigration reform would generate economic growth and shrink the federal deficit.
2. Later on Thursday, Republicans blocked the Senate from moving forward on a three-month extension of federal unemployment benefits (for) 1.7 million long-term unemployed people.
CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told the House Budget Committee that the extension of benefits would help the economy and create an estimated 200,000 jobs. 
And that's why Republicans still think they can sell the public on being job creators?

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