Thursday, February 6, 2014

CBO "problem" caused by Republicans!!! Ryan Flip Flops on his opposition to "Job Lock," now hates worker freedom.

The news media in the state has yet to catch up to the real Paul Ryan. They like the manufactured public image of a proud kid from Wisconsin and who ran as vice president.

But Ryan's latest blowup may finally get the media to revise its take on Ryan once and for all.

The Affordable Care Act as it turns out, encourages entrepreneurs to start their own business without the worry of losing their health care. It's lifted a great weight off the shoulders of families everywhere, who can leave their lousy jobs and strike out on their own.

Ryan doesn't like empowering working Americans. Ryan knows that any labor shortage will result in a bidding war for workers, pushing up wages.

The Root River Siren put it best this way:
Ryan said that Obamacare is a "poverty trap" that will disincentivize people from working because they can get insurance anywhere they like:
“I guess I understand ‘better off’ in the context of healthcare. But ‘better off’ in inducing a person not to work who is on the low-income scale, not to get on the ladder of life, to begin working, getting the dignity of work, getting more opportunities, rising their income, joining the middle class, this means fewer people will do that," said Ryan.
Wow. Just. Wow. According to Paul Ryan, poor people will not aspire to the middle class because they will have the luxury of portable health care - Obamacare will "induce" poor people to not work. This should be a torches and pitchforks moment for Ryan - but we have all grown so accustomed to him saying shit like this - hardly anyone notices.
MSNBC took it too Ryan, showing a past clip from 2009 where he denounced "job lock," where workers are forced to stay at a job they didn't like for insurance. Now he's flip flopped. Looks like lyin' Ryan's political ambitions are showing again...

Just as interesting, from Bloomberg News, Nela Richardson exposes how the GOP created this new CBO outrage. Yes, it's their fault:


  1. The issues is not portable insurance. The issue is that those that don't work will have their insurance premiums paid by the taxpayers via the subsidies. If someone wants to quit their job to pursue a business of their own then more power to them. However, there is no reason we should pay for their healthcare while they do it.

  2. Sounds like the old way of doing things worked for you, but not everybody else.

    Not everybody is going to leave their job and start a business. Not everybody who leaves their job will give up their income, since their spouse is probably working. These are all small subsets of the greater system that allows people to get coverage-and pay for it- depending on the size of their income. A majority of the middle class are happy to stay their, and don't envy the scrooge like rich.

    Paying a little for someone starting a business is helping the job creators isn't it? Oh, only the already wealthy deserve the extra cash. Got ya.

    Good luck rationalizing your greed and envy. But sadly, I can see it's not working.