Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Republican Sen. Dale Schultz dishes out the truth on Walker and his Party.

While Democratic Party searches for right words to criticize our current Republican administration, outgoing Sen. Dale Schultz had no problem taking on his own party. 

I put together a condensed 7 minute lesson in messaging for Democrats, using Schultz's no nonsense take down of Walker and his fellow Republicans. Not once does he give the benefit of the doubt to his majority party's intentions, like so many Democrats often do.

I can't tell you how many times I've screamed at the radio and TV, when without fail, Democrats blather on about hoping the 'Republicans will come back to the table and work together with them, blah, blah, blah'...stop it please.  

My favorite Schultz line leads off the clip:  
“Life has in recent years we've been steered by a group of people with enormous power and very powerful media organs, and you know, they've sort of picked at the scab of the carnage of the great recession. It’s a damn poor kind of leadership when people seek to divide, don’t appeal to the best in people, they appeal to the worst.”
Or this top contender:
“I think it fair to challenge educators … but we have had generations of Wisconsinites who have built one of the finest educational systems in the world, and I think just trashing it, ah, and demonizing the professionals that serve us, doesn't improve education and again tears at the fabric of our society.” 
 Worth a listen (audio) to say the least. From WPT:

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  1. And then we have Team Burke, at the starting gate through last Sunday's 2 part interview with Mike Gousha, indistinguishable on policy issues from those of the Republican Party, which Schultz describes.

    Team Burke, mining with safeguards, OK, level the playing field for businesses in WI (what tax breaks, environmental deregs? and Republican ideas welcome) no definitive statement on protecting public education. Jobs creation, (world-class business with Trek as example) and we'll get back to you this summer.

    Minimum wage over a number of years, people can't wait that long. Why not an immediate call in concerted D effort to flip the state Senate for $15/hr minimum? Republicans would have to move toward the middle or lose their majorities.

    What advantage is there to being playing it, "safe," or to go begging from the Republicans about, these days, Tate, Burke, PU? Not willing to give up your personal slices of the pie for a greater good? Spineless snivelers.

    Rant over for today. Thanks for the topic John.