Friday, September 6, 2013

Walker magic trick: Make two recent bad decisions just disappear.

Suspiciously clearing his plate for the upcoming election, Scott Walker thinks canceling two major missteps showing obvious cronyism will just make everything disappear and right the course. Wrong.

Walker got caught! That's the only reason Walker was forced to act.

Will the following headlines spell disaster for an administration caught with their hands in the special interest cookie jar? Will a Democratic gubernatorial candidate repeat in every media response the bad judgement shown by Walker and the unchecked legislature that approved this stuff?

The fact that he made these kinds of mistakes so close to his own reelection, and during his nationwide campaign for the 2016 presidential race, proves the John Doe investigation and subsequent arrests was no fluke.
jsonline: In a reversal, Gov. Scott Walker's administration is acknowledging it acted improperly in retroactively raising the pay of the Capitol Police chief by 11.7% and will take back $720 from him. State Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) said, "The fact they overlooked an important statute makes me even more concerned people weren't following the rules when they gave him an enormous pay raise." 
What a way to treat his own people. Set them up, and then publically take them down. Honor among thieves?

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