Thursday, June 6, 2013

Republicans have the UW right where they want them, running deficits by 2015.

I don’t think it mattered how much the UW tucked away, $648 million in reserves for current and future spending, because Republicans would have been outraged no matter what.

Grovel at their feet: It all comes down to insecurity. Republicans need to feel respected and wanted. The only way to do that is to make everyone so desperate that they would beg and plead for help from our conservative authoritarian overseers.

They will have that by breaking the back of the state's premier university:
jsonline: The University of Wisconsin System would sustain $202 million in cuts, funding transfers and unfunded expenses if the state budget advanced by the Legislature's budget-writing committee stays intact, according to a UW System analysis … the "significant cuts" by the Joint Finance Committee would create an ongoing structural deficit of $62 million in the UW System's annual operating budgets beginning in fiscal 2015-'16. The Joint Finance Committee … also took control away from the Board of Regents over many of its campus buildings, largely supporting the governor's move to gain broader authority to sell state buildings.

UW buildings not funded by at least 50% in private donations or federal dollars could potentially be sold, including dormitories, parking ramps and student unions, all of which are self-supporting, and built with student fees.
Rest assured they'll sell off university property, look how they got back at Milwaukee. And this is what the founding fathers envisioned? 

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