Friday, June 28, 2013

Republicans destroy local control, create massive partisan regulatory bureaucracy.

“One size fits all” and “local control” were once two phrases Republicans used frequently, to disparage Democrats in “Madison” passing one size fits all laws that took away local control.  They still vilify “Madison” as the power hungry seat of government telling everybody else how to live. These guys must try awful hard not looking into mirrors.

One Size Fits All, or put another way, One Statewide Standard: Walker and the Republican Authority now believe strongly in “one statewide standard” so citizens aren't confused if they relocate. That is so condescending. Anyone remember being confused? 

Walker’s legislative pirates want to run roughshod over every locally elected official across the state. I kid you not, this is what they call “small government:”  
Beloit Daily News: Signed by 30 Wisconsin mayors, the Wisconsin League of
I told you so....
Municipalities across Wisconsin … are asking Gov. Scott Walker to veto portions of the budget … The first involves extending levy limits to certain fees. In the budget it lists five areas that municipalities could charge a user fee … (but) must lower the property tax levy by the amount it expects to make on the user fees. Curt Witynski, assistant director for the league, said the amendment … “It gets at the heart and soul of local control and the principle of local control, which is local elected officials making the decisions on what is best for their community.”
Bureaucratic Regulations and Red Tape: Want to gum up the system and force your locally elected leaders into a corner? Forget waiting till the next election, challenge them at the Tax Appeals Commission first:
The second concern includes allowing residents to challenge the cost of a certain fee to the state’s Tax Appeals Commission. It also requires the municipality to prove why the fee is reasonable.

“This is probably the single most dangerous and disruptive item to come out of the budget cycle this year,” Arft said, adding the city would have to hire an outside firm to do rate studies and pay for staff hours to handle the complaints. “That process could get very expensive” … Curt Witynski, assistant director for the league (said) “the process is backwards … when the burden of proof is with the party that brought the complaint. It’s a reversal of hundreds of years of law in this state that when a government body makes a decision then that is presumed to be a reasonable decision. If someone wants to challenge that in court then they have to show the court that the fee is unreasonable.”
Still think Republicans are all for small government? I don’t think so. Heavy handed control coming out of one city, Madison? Absolutely.

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