Sunday, June 30, 2013

Great Despotic Leaders Use Kids as Props!!!

I remember when teabilly Republicans around the country compared President Obama and Michelle to Hitler, Stalin and Mao for having children around them to sign bills, or push healthy school lunches. The kids were there because they were a part of the action, and not just props.

So I noticed awhile back that Wisconsin Supreme Court Justine Roggensack used children as props in her reelection campaign, which had nothing to do with kids. Along with Scott Walker sitting with boys and girls signing the concealed gun legislation at an indoor family water park. If you were to use the same standards as conservative losers, these people must have a lot in common with Hitler, Stalin and Mao I guess. I took Obama out of their little collage of pictures and...

So imagine my surprise when out state despot signed into law the cruel, punishing and austere budget effecting thousands of kids, surrounded by laughing children. Let's just say they all belong together:  


  1. "Our rules don't apply to us." 21st Century GOP motto

  2. Look at the face of Walker- screw you kid - you got not healthcare.

  3. The black woman in the background wearing the medical jacket does not look happy at all.

  4. Scott Wanker is sneering at that little boy.