Thursday, June 13, 2013

Constitutional Right to see Fetus, or Personal Decision? Confused Republicans pass opposing "Informed Consent" Laws.

Informed consent? This is huge, and really exposes the deceit of some self-righteous conservative legislators hell bent on forcing their religious beliefs on society. For them, it's a natural yet dangerous exploration of authoritarianism. GOP Sen. Mary Lazich off handedly gives us new rights beyond the normal exchange in the doctor patient relationship.

Two-Faced Republicans: Here's the simple lie spelled out in 2 recently passed bills. jsonline:
Former Weather Guy Jim Ott
now practicing physician.
FACE 1: GOP Rep. Jim Ott's bill would limit 'informed consent' rule for Wisconsin doctors: Doctors wouldn't have to give patients as much information about alternative treatments under a Republican-sponsored bill in the Legislature. Ott says expanded consent will increase medical costs. The standard now is what a reasonable patient would want to know. Ott (bill) changes the standard to what a reasonable physician would tell a patient. 
GOP Sen. Mary Lazich takes "informed consent" and does the opposite...which exposes the lie and underlying attempt to intimidate women. Lazich says her ultrasound bill expands informed consent, but this time for patients. jsonline:

Mary wants to see inside your vagina.
FACE 2: "The ultrasound is the gold standard of medical decision-making," Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) said during her testimony Wednesday before the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. "The intent of the legislation is to strengthen the informed-consent law."


  1. Consistency is not their strong suit. Point it inconsistencies and they will try to weasel out it by changing the subject -- that is, if you can even ask questions.

  2. What's next, outlawing patients from receiving second opinions? Believe it or not, far too many doctors are not up on the latest research in their field. Some don't bother consulting the Physicians Desk Reference when prescribing drugs. So you really do need to know all your options, unless you don't mind unnecessary operations or life threatening side-effects from prescription drugs.