Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Immature Bully Sheriff David Clarke earns Conservative admiration for public tantrums. Plus other gun related horrors.

My message to Republicans, “grow up!!!” Leave childish things and behaviors behind. But they won’t.

My conservative friend in Milwaukee loves Sheriff David Clarke, and defends him by saying “no one’s perfect.” A meaningless response of course. The same goes for Clarke’s wasteful use of my friends taxes. Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice writes:
When Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik proposed a ban on taxpayer-funded radio and TV ads starring elected officials, you knew exactly what Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. was going to do next. “So you know what I did a few weeks ago?” Clarke laughed. “I took out another $10,000 and made a new ad.”
My conservative friend laughed too. A little wasteful…? That’s David Clarke, he’s a character, so big deal. He will still gets their vote for tantrums and political playground bullying. Audio:

"And if you smell trouble?" Clarke says. "Trust your instincts, be decisive, use the element of surprise against your attacker, and most importantly, be ruthless in your response. Are you ready?"

The veteran supervisor (Jursik) said Clarke was putting out a "very dangerous message" by encouraging people to surprise attackers and to be "ruthless" with them.
Ya think? The following stories came to mind after reading this, as we slip rather quickly into a conservative world of chaos and in your facedefiance:
(Since) Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act through the legislature … Some sheriffs have stated that they refuse to enforce the law, lawsuits threaten to defeat the law, and now gun rights proponents have promised to ignore the law completely. Melody Burns, a New York talk show host, told gun supporters at a rally, “Do not comply. I just want to remind you — do not comply!”
Hypocritical? Is this the civil disobedience Republicans bashed here in Wisconsin when over a million protesters came out against Scott Walker’s union busting Act 10, or the “anti-American” war protests in the turbulent 60’s? It's worse. We've got big time problems when we’re seeing “law enforcement” refusing to uphold laws.

Most people were stunned after reading this story:
A Texas jury has acquitted a man accused of murdering an escort he found on Craigslist after she refused to have sex with him. Ezekiel Gilbert admitted to shooting 23-year-old Lenora Ivie Frago on Christmas Eve of 2009 … Gilbert testified that he had found Frago's escort ad on Craigslist and believed sex was included in her fee. When she arrived at his house, she walked around for 20 minutes before leaving to allegedly give Gilbert’s cash to her driver, Gawker reported. Gilbert's lawyers claimed he was justified in shooting Frago because he was trying to retrieve stolen property — the $150 fee he paid her. Texas law allows people "to use deadly force to recover property during a nighttime theft."
Stay away from Texas is about all I can say, a place where your life apparently isn't worth anything.  There's more
State Senator Tom Corbin (R-Greenville) introduced a bill that would make every South Carolina resident ages 17 and up a member of the state’s “unorganized militia.” Check out this excerpt from the bill: “Any able-bodied citizen of the state who is over 17 years of age and can legally purchase a firearm is deemed a member of the South Carolina Unorganized Militia, unless he is already a member of the National Guard or the organized militia not in National Guard Service.”
Still more...
Some Maryland gun store owners are ignoring pleas from the State Police, opting to sell guns to customers rather than waiting for background checks.
...and more:
A Houston nonprofit is giving away free shotguns to single residents who live in neighborhoods with high crime rates. The neighborhood of Oak Forest was one of the first in the country to receive free guns and training from the Armed Citizen Project. The 29-year-old founder of the nonprofit, Kyle Coplen, said they expect to train 50 residents in Oak Forest, where residents will put up signs warning that the neighborhood is armed.
Don't forget the kids:
Parents of a 6-year-old boy who was accidentally shot and killed by his 4-year-old neighbor are now suing the neighbor's parents. Brandon Holt, 6, was playing at his neighbor’s home in Toms River, N.J., at about 7 p.m. on April 8. The boys were playing “pretend shooting” when the younger boy shot Holt in the head with a loaded .22-calibre rifle.  
Americans hate terrorists and love our kids, right? So you might be shocked to know that preschoolers with guns have taken more lives so far this year than the single U.S. terrorist attack, which claimed four lives in Boston. This is admittedly tongue-in-cheek, but one has to wonder if the NSA’s PRISM program would have saved more lives had it been monitoring toddlers – or gun owners – rather than suspected terrorists.
The return of Six-gun-Justice: Like the song about outlaw Liberty Valance says, "The point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood."
A West Virginia journalism professor at Marshall University wrote an op-ed accusing the National Rifle Association of treason and calling for members to be executed by firing squad. In Christopher Swindell’s May 30 article from the Charleston Gazette titled “Gun safety debate is B.S.,” Swindell claims he’s pro-gun ... “The NRA advocates armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America," Swindell wrote. "That's treason, and it's worthy of the firing squad. The B.S. needs a serious gut check. We are not a tin pot banana republic where machine gun toting rebel groups storm the palace and depose the dictator.” 

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