Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gay Pride Parade in Wausau? Bigoted Fringe group, Wisconsin Family Voice’s President Julaine Appling, would deny Constitutional freedoms if she could for Backers.

Did you ever get the feeling the biggest defenders of the constitution are the ones over compensating for their lack of belief in it? Follow your gut on this one.

The only thing missing is a KKK like uniform for these authoritarian bigoted religious zealots. Of course they have every right, every freedom, to show the ugliest side of human nature. They are also carrying on an old tradition of using Christianity to prosecute and destroy people’s lives.

Grand Inquisitor Julaine Appling continues to spread her disease to every part of Wisconsin:
Wausau's plans to host its first gay pride parade are sparking complaints from a conservative family group, as well as at least one city alderman.

The plans were announced in the spring … a city committee in April signed off on a permit for the June 22 parade, and gay groups in the region said they planned to participate.

That didn't sit well with Wisconsin Family Voice, whose president, Julaine Appling, said last month in a blog post that pride parades are "nothing more than a display of immorality and propaganda."
Appling is such a good Christian role model. WAOW takes a look at the homophobe rantings of Ald. David Nutting: 

Ald. David Nutting echoed those sentiments Tuesday when he said at a City Council meeting that the parade is inappropriate and shouldn't be hosted, WAOW-TV reported.

"I ask that all residents stay away from the parade, or if you do go, stand with your back to the parade of deviant behaving individuals," Nutting said at the meeting.

County Board Member Jim Rosenberg, a former City Council president, called such a reaction "a big mistake.""We should be a big enough community to embrace all of the people that want to be a part of it, and that includes people that are gay," Rosenberg told the TV station.


  1. Honestly, would someone please find Julaine a husband? Obviously her female roommate can't control her; she needs a man to keep her busy and fulfilled.
    Such public display of opinions in a woman is unseemly.

  2. Cute, but not the point obviously. We all have opinions as I mentioned in the piece. But she's making a value judgement for the rest of us and using religion to do it. Dark ages anyone?

    You do get that? Apparently not. But thanks for the input.

  3. Let me clarify:

  4. John - you need to resolve the issues with FB.