Saturday, June 29, 2013

Walker, 40th out of 45 Governors to create private sector jobs, thinks he can do it. Just 191,300 more jobs in 18 months.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin came  across these interesting statistics about our dictatorial governor from the Business Journal, a not to shabby source of information from the corporate side:
Scott Walker ranks 40th among 45 governors when it comes to private-sector job growth, according to a new On Numbers analysis by The Business Journal.

The On Numbers analysis ranked 45 current governors, excluding five who only took office this year, “based on a comparison of the annual growth rate for his or her state and the corresponding figure for the other 49 states.” 

Among the findings, Wisconsin’s rate of job growth since Walker took office is 1.07%, compared to 2.00% nationally. Had Wisconsin increased private-sector employment at the same rate as the national average, Wisconsin would have added an additional 51,200 jobs since January 2011.

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