Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kooyenga's tax cut overreach make him a “conservative star,” or just another bad former private sector turned politician accountant.

It looks like our Republican state legislators are trying to help Scott Walker’s reelection bid by making him look like a moderate when it comes to blowing a hole in the states budget.

“Conservative star” Rep. Dale Kooyenga’s outrageous tax cut overreach is breathtaking. But he's an accountant...:

That's all it takes to become a hero; a Hail Mary tax cut to get attention? The bar is set very low. But he's an accountant...!

By the way, on the UW surplus, Kooyenga was part of the group who penalized the UW for stowing away large sums of money to protect themselves from Republican funding cuts of large sums of money. Thanks to Kooyenga, the UW will once again run deficits in 2 years and be subject to GOP funding intimidation.

And if it doesn't work out, Republicans will just make more draconian cuts. Easy stuff for these freeloading simpletons appealing to their tea party base. Take a look at this Journal Sentinel headline from May 28th:
Wealthy earners would save most in $444 million tax cut: Cut would come on top of Scott Walker's proposed $343 million plan.
That was adjusted down to a still unmanageable $650 million cut. When Kooyenga was asked why he didn't simply just cut rates and taxes for the lowest income tax brackets:
"It's nearly impossible to create a tax (rate) cut that doesn't disproportionately lower taxes for upper incomes," said Kooyenga,
Hmm, it really isn't that impossible, unless the thought of losing wealthy contributor donations make’s it that “nearly impossible.”

This fiscal “conservative star” is setting the state up for this future convulsion:
WKOW: A new report from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau says state tax revenue could drop by $677 million over the next two years. The decrease in revenue is driven by a $648 million tax cut.
Thank you Rep. Dale Kooyenga. He's an accounting wiz. Aside from the $92 million in taxes currently not collected, would you bank on that? Forget about the nation’s economic growth projections by the Federal Reserve (negative growth) and the World Bank’s new projection (1.9%). Kooyenga assumes growth will be at 3.3%. “We’re in real trouble” says GOP Sen. Dale Schultz. No kidding.

The media is reporting this stuff, like below from WKOW, but the source of teabilly news is via conservative talk radio. And they're not about to scream "spending" bloody murder. Oh yeah, unfunded tax cuts is not considered spending.

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