Friday, June 21, 2013

Ball State Grades state Manufacturing “A.” If only Wisconsin’s “Human Capital” didn't have such high “Worker Benefit Costs.”

If you ever wanted to know what business thought of those lowly humanoid cogs in the for-profit making machinery, the latest rating from Ball State University should clear things up:
Business Journal: A new report from Ball State University gives Wisconsin an "A" for manufacturing but says that sector is constrained by high worker benefit costs and taxes.
I’m sorry, that alone was just breathtaking. It continued…
Michael Hicks, a Ball State economics professor and director of the CBER, said “For Wisconsin, the constraint to manufacturing expansion remains the same story of very high taxes and high worker benefit costs,” Hicks said. “Once these are effectively remedied, the other very strong scores in human capital and in expected fiscal liability gap will provide the incentives for expansion of manufacturing."
I’m sorry, but did he say once high worker benefit costs are “remedied…REMEDIED?”

Scott Walker and his band of Republican pirates act like Wisconsin is a warm weather state located on transportation's main thoroughfares, with none of the four season maintenance costs paid for by our higher taxes.

If they don’t like it here, as much as I did once before they took power, they should live somewhere in the south.

Here’s our letter grades from the report: 

Manufacturing: A
Logistics: B-
Human Capital: B
Worker Benefit Costs: D-
Tax Climate: D+
Expected Liability Gap: A
Global Reach: C
Sector Diversification: C+
Productivity and Innovation: C

UPDATE: Rocknetroots has been on this story for some time and came up with this 2 year old video between Scott Walker and "the notorious economic development group, Rock County 5.0." The theme is the same, which means we should get familiar with their terminology, and quick, before it's too late. By the way, doesn't it look like the people in this clip lack souls?:

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  1. "effectively remedied" = elimination. Here's a video segment (2 years old!) with Walker and the Rock County 5.0. It's a little slow-moving but shows that this mime is real and active.