Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Fox News Alternative Universe has moved Beyond DOMA, Gay Marriage and the Voting Rights Act.

I was amused by the headlines in my home page widget for Fox News. I even refreshed the page to see if what I saw was current. It was. This is how they keep their viewers and readers educated? No word on DOMA, gay marriage being reinstated in California or overturning the Voting Rights Act:


  1. August 26, 2013, the top 4 stories of the day by various web sources at around 8:30pm...

    Fox News: Zimmerman Trial, Snowden Stuck in Moscow, Hernandez Charged, Son Given WWII Soldier's Letters 69 Years Later

    CBS News: DOMA, Mandela's health, Texas abortion, Texas' 500th execution
    BBC News: DOMA, Hernandez, Egypt warns of risks from unrest, Texas abortion bill
    NYT: DOMA, Jihadists in Africa, Hernandez, Texas abortion
    CNN: DOMA, Hernandez, Texas execution, Texas abortion bill
    Huffington Post: DOMA, Texas abortion, Hernandez, Texas execution

    ABC News: Zimmerman, DOMA, Hernandez, Mandela
    NBC News: Hernandez, DOMA, Texas Abortion, Zimmerman

  2. (make that June 26th of course!)