Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Walker's Con: Unemployment is going Down, even without creating one job!!!

I still can't believe state Republicans want to balance the unemployment fund on the backs of the unemployed. This is so business won't have to spend a cent. This should have been a bigger and more unsettling story.

Businesses were wiped out during the Great Recession and millions of people lost their jobs...so the Republican solution is to make unemployment insurance harder to get? jsonline:
- Tighten the definition of workplace misconduct so that fewer people would qualify for benefits. 

-Eliminate nine instances in which a worker can quit a job and still claim benefits.
 Republicans are also proposing an amazing misuse of general taxpayer money to pay into the unemployment insurance fund, instead of businesses. Do Republican voters even know about this?

And then to loan the unemployment fund another $50 million from taxpayers to show a positive balance and trick the government into not raising taxes on business, is nothing short of crooked.

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