Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Proposed Wauwatosa charter trashes district funding. Simple Lesson on Privatization.

Here’s an easy to understand example of just how Republicans plan to dismantle the existing public school system slowly, without anybody really noticing:
Wauwastosa Now: The Wisconsin Historical Society said this week it supports the proposed use of the Eschweiler buildings by the Forest Exploration Center for its University Lab School, but the school now faces a challenge from the Wauwatosa School Board. The School Board has passed a resolution urging the governor to strike a clause in the state budget that allows the charter school to go forward as planned.

The Legislature has inserted a clause in the state budget package that would allow charter schools to operate independently of public school districts if they are sponsored by UWM in the five-county metro Milwaukee area.
"Let's say that they draw 100 students from the Wauwatosa School District," Superintendent Phil Ertl said. "Right away that's at least $700,000 that would go to that charter school. ... It's hard to reduce costs to make up that difference." Board member Phil Kroner said UWM could sponsor other charter schools in Wauwatosa if it liked, further eroding funding and the number of students in the district, and possibly prompting the closure of a school.

Any questions?

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