Saturday, June 15, 2013

Irresponsible Concealed Carry Owners sue J.B. Van Hollen, say Gun Class size of 50 too small.

Nothing could be more ironic than gun crazy adolescent men suing the pro-gun Republican state justice department, for firearm training classes. They call it overreach, but really, they just don't want to become responsible adults. Simply put, gun classes don't prevent Americans from owning guns, so it's not a Second Amendment issue. But the party who can't stop whining about frivolous lawsuits and jackpot justice, are not ruled by the standards they set for everybody else.

Even more ironic? The lawsuit is taking place in the activist conservative Waukesha courts. Take that Republicans:
jsonline: A gun rights advocacy group has sued Wisconsin's attorney general over recently adopted rules related to concealed carry permits. The suit, filed in Waukesha County Circuit Court, claims that J.B. Van Hollen's Department of Justice has overreached in establishing the rules for administering the concealed carry permitting process, and seeks an injunction barring their enforcement.
Get that, they don't want any gun classes, even though the legislature passed the concealed carry law based on some gun training. Do they also know their fine Republican legislators are trying to prevent injunctions from barring laws from taking affect? Probably not.

You'll laugh at what I assume is their "legal" reason Wisconsin Carry is giving for their lawsuit:
Nik Clark, chairman of Wisconsin Carry Inc., said the permanent rules that took effect June 1 fly in the face of Act 35, the law that made concealed carry of weapons legal in the state. Clark said the law specifically said the DOJ, which administers the permit process, shouldn't "go crazy" with rules. 
Did the law specifically include the words "go crazy?" Really, that's their reason?

Now just imagine an auditorium filled with 250 first time gun owners filled with lots of questions and needing personal handgun instruction:
Chief among the new rules that offends Wisconsin Carry, he said, is one that sets a maximum student-to-instructor ratio in required classes at 50 to 1.  Clark said many firearms safety instruction classes can be presented very effectively to as many as four or five times as many students in the right venue. "We think the instructor lobby is behind this," Clark said,
The "instructor lobby." They have one already. And of course no discussion about guns would be complete without mentioning the "slippery slope" theory that this will lead to more regulation. The fact is, it's been a slippery slope away from any regulation. That's the joke.
"If this DOJ under this administration is going this far, there's no reason to think a different DOJ under another administration wouldn't go further, like requiring passage of some kind of test," he said.
I'm hoping that happens, and that gun owners get treated for Peter Pan Syndrome, leaving Neverland once and for all.

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