Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do you want Madison Democrats...I mean Republicans, telling you what you can or cannot do? Oops, Welcome to Red State Madison.

When Democrats were in control, Republicans came up with the old refrain, “Madison thinks it knows what's best for the state.”

Well, check out what our nanny state Republicans in evil “Madison” want everybody else in the state to do. (Keep in mind, local laws are usually indicators and beginnings of inevitable social change. Stopping that would have a major unintended consequences, you think?).

First the crazy unconstitutional law protecting the our constitution rights:
1. Illegal to Enforce Federal Law: State Representative Michael Schraa announced legislation today to protect Wisconsin from unconstitutional gun control measures being pushed on the federal level.  The bill would bar local and state law enforcement officers from assisting in the enforcement of federal measures to ban certain firearms, firearm accessories, magazines, or types of bullets. “This bill, the Firearms Freedom Act, sends a simple message to the federal government,” said Schraa (R – Oshkosh).  “Wisconsin will not help you take away our second amendment rights.”

2. Big Gulp Law-Health First Wisconsin: The budget provision (Motion #150) will go far beyond the motion’s stated purpose of preventing local “Bloomberg Big Gulp” soda size restrictions. The far-reaching motion could prevent local communities from promoting nutritious food choices in parks, neighborhoods and businesses and could also severely limit employee wellness programs that promote healthier habits and reduce health care costs. Motion #150 is a classic example of preemption, which occurs when state government revokes the authority of local governments to make their own policies. The measure silences local voices and prevents local officials from responding to unique local health needs.”

3. Unnecessary Health Care Tests/Government Control-American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are extremely concerned about the ramifications of SB206 and believe its passage would represent unnecessary legislative intrusion into the physician-patient relationship … sets a dangerous precedent where government will be directing physicians on what procedures they should be required to perform on patients … which the government has no valid role. The proposed requirements do not make abortion safer for women, but do create unnecessary bureaucratic barriers and add both emotional and financial stress to an already difficult decision.

4. Walker's Garage Sale: There are a whole lot of things wrong with a provision in the state budget bill that gives the governor much more authority to sell state property. The power also is so broad that property such as university dormitories, prisons and highways — and even the Capitol — are included. Selling one of those properties might sound like a good idea to someone in state government, but it should worry residents, who rely on the services those properties provide and deserve to have a say, through their representatives, in how they’re run.

5. Guns Made in Wisconsin...special: Another provision of the bill declares that firearms manufactured in Wisconsin and including the stamp “Made in Wisconsin” is not subject to federal interstate commerce regulation as the firearm has not traveled between states.

6. Stacking GAB with Croniesthe sweeping election “reform” plan pending in the Wisconsin Legislature, one component of which would bring the independent Government Accountability Board under the partisan boot with an FDR-like “packing” strategy to rein in the watchdog agency. The GAB portion of the bill would double the number of governor’s appointees, essentially allowing the board to be overwhelmed by political cronies.

7. GOP Freeze on your personal Bank Account: The Wisconsin Senate is scheduled to vote on a bill that would make it easierhttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png for the state to recover overpayment of unemployment benefits by allowing officials to check private bank accounts. The bill requires financial institutions doing business with the state to disclose information about accounts held by people who owe money to the unemployment system.

8. Defending Walker’s Medicaid Expansion Costs:  It is already well understood that Walker’s plan costs more state money, by current Legislative Fiscal Bureau projections $149 million more over the next 2 years to cover over 84,000 fewer people. Defenders of Walker’s plan on the Joint Finance Committee last week asserted his plan costs less in combined federal and state dollars … According to the Congressional Budget Office, it costs on average $9,000 per recipient to subsidize health insurance exchange­based coverage, and only $6,000 per recipient for Medicaid. This puts the price tag of Walker’s plan at over $1.3 billion in the current two year budget, compared to $579 million for the Democratic alternative. “It shows a stunning contempt for the citizens of Wisconsin for Governor Walker and his supporters to continually propagate false rationalizations for his decision to reject hundreds of millions of federal dollars to strengthen Wisconsin’s BadgerCare program,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “
And so the downsizing of government continues...?

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  1. It sounds like the Republicans are performing illegal abortions.