Monday, June 17, 2013

Shocker!!! Democrats tell Voters what they stand for....Reveal Education and Tax Relief Platform.

Democrats have been fighting what they know is a losing battle against super majorities in the legislature. There's nothing they can do at this point? Just the opposite. Now's the time to lay out what they believe and beat it into the ground until everyone in the state can recite it by heart.

Democrats have all the time in the world to do that, while demonstrating their opposition to Scott Walker's disastrous economic jobs plan (if you want to call it that).

Announcing the first sign of life. I couldn't be happier. Rep. Peters Barca press release:
Joined by supporters of public education from across Wisconsin, Democratic legislators and State Superintendent Tony Evers briefed the public today on budget alternatives that would start reversing the devastating damage done to Wisconsin’s public schools in the last Republican budget. Democratic legislators are hosting similar events with public education supporters around the state today, including in Green Bay, Wausau and Onalaska. The changes being offered by Democratic legislators this week will include:
  • Increasing public school funding by $275 per pupil to restore roughly half of the funding cut from public schools last budget;
  • Eliminating all of Gov. Walker’s proposed statewide expansion of taxpayer-funding to private voucher schools;
  • Implementing Superintendent Evers’ “Fair Funding for our Future” school finance reform plan; and
  • Mandating accountability measures for private voucher schools equal to those required of public schools.
“A budget is a reflection of priorities. Our proposal focuses on one of the top priorities of Wisconsin’s middle-class families – a strong public education system,” Rep. Sondy Pope (D-Cross Plains) said. “And our proposal proves it is possible to both make significant investments in our public schools and provide real property tax relief.”
Keep it up.

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