Thursday, June 27, 2013

Conservative Judicial Activism Justified to increase Power? Apparently.

While same sex marriage is getting the well-deserved attention it should, we can't lose sight of the Supreme Courts repeal of the Voting Rights Act, which will have a profound effect on who controls every aspect of our lives through government power.

Isn't it obvious already, in states where Republicans have complete control, that the size and scope of government is expanding, all the while reducing citizen rights and freedoms for the corporate class. We are here to serve the interests of business, who seem to "promise"  economic health and freedom for everyone, but never deliver.

Republicans are cafeteria constitutionalists. Their "constitutional" argument is a sad irreversible part of their scheme to con the public and redefine our founding document to mean what they say it means, at any given time.

I've selected a few great lines from an E.J. Dionne story today that I thought focused on the Republican Party's quest for ultimate power with the help of judicial activism.
Recall that when conservatives did not have a clear court majority, they railed against “judicial activism.” Now that they have the capacity to impose their will, many of the same conservatives defend extreme acts of judicial activism by claiming they involve legitimate interpretations of the true meaning of the Constitution.

It is an inconsistency that tells us all we need to know. This is not an argument about what the Constitution says. It is a battle for power. And, despite scattered liberal triumphs, it is a battle that conservatives are winning.

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