Monday, June 24, 2013

MacIver Institute's lesson to our kids; lie, cheat, use religion and freeload to turn our state Red.

Okay, I get how Republicans are trying to defund the Democratic Party by defunding unions. Tipping the “money is free speech” scales in favor of the GOP is one thing, but teaching Americans how to cheat and freeload off of others is hardly something to celebrate. But they're doing just that with National Employee Freedom Week, a condescending assumption teachers are as stupid as Republican voters.

The spinmeisters and right wing con men from the MacIverInstitute don’t see anything morally or ethically challenging to their new scheme; convincing teachers they can get all the union benefits without paying for it, if they just lie.

These are the guys conservatives want on their side? That says an awful lot, doesn't it?
The MacIver Institute joined 59 other organizations to recognize National Employee Freedom Week (NEFW), "a national effort to inform union employees about the freedoms they have to opt out of union membership and let them make the decision that's best for them” … teachers and other union members have the ability to become an agency fee payer or opt-out as a religious or conscientious objector.
Here’s how MacIver describes their “ends justify the means” approach to gaining a monetary electoral advantage through lying and freeloading. Heck they clearly say defunding is their goal in rule #1:
#1. An agency fee payer is still a member of the union, but is only required to pay dues that are legally required for the costs of collective bargaining … No union dues would go toward the union's political activities.
Rule #2…lie:
#2. A religious or conscientious objector still is required to have union dues deducted. However, the member can decide to send the dues to a charitable organization of their choosing and is no longer a member of the union.
Here’s the freeloader kicker for both of the above:
In both cases, the worker is entitled to every benefit under the labor contract with the employer.

And here I thought union benefits and contracts were unfair to employers. MacIver in this case is all about the benefits, temporarily of course. 

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