Sunday, June 16, 2013

GOP Sen. Mary Lazich's Ultrasound Law turns our Government into something Threatening. Just what the founding fathers intended?

The utter zealotry we saw in GOP State Sen. Mary Lazich's big government health care ultrasound mandate was no doubt embarrassing enough to get national attention, but zeroing in on the actual content of her argument is even more revealing.

In a short interview on WPT's Here and Now, I edited out Lazich's 'this is what the bill does' and left in her underlying reasons putting government in the middle of the doctor patient relationship.

"Information," "fully informed," "regret," and "lived with the trauma" are repeated over and over.

Troubling and potentially dangerous is the first thing that occurred to me. Exposing those already emotionally drained women, who've made this very difficult decision, to this kind of pressure and intimidation won't just lead to gut wrenching future second guessing, but something more even more life threatening.

Lazich's empty arguments are nothing but religious bullying, and a fundamental part of the Republican agenda. It seems like Christianities threatening and bloody history is always waiting in the wings for a comeback, this time under the guise of being "fully informed:"

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