Friday, June 14, 2013

Voucher Failure is not an option for Republicans driven by Ideology, it’s only a Start. I wonder how parents feel about that?

Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker has failed miserably to grow jobs and attract businesses, that the state is nearly last in all categories that count. But Walker pretends all is going as planned, and he’s only just started to turn things around. The funny thing is, conservative voters think that’s normal and are willing to wait. Except when Democrats are in charge.

Today, Louisiana just got some really bad news about their voucher program, and Republicans in every other state are not going to like trying to defend the results. 
Policy Mic: The recent release of state testing results revealed that Louisiana students attending private schools through Governor Jindal's school voucher program perform a whopping 30 points below average. Only 40% of these students leave the year performing at or above grade level. As the news made rounds locally and in the education community, state Superintendent John White defended the program. "Anytime you start something new, it's going to take some time to grow," said White.

See, it’s new, give it some time. I’m sure parents of the kids in the failing schools are more than willing to wait, right?
As Louisiana taxpayers foot the program's $25 million bill, Governor Jindal and Superintendent White must quickly justify its cost.
That will be hard to do knowing this:
 The voucher student performance gap with the state (30 points) also exceeds the largest gap ever registered by New Orleans public schools (26 points in 2000), the former sick man of Louisiana public education.

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