Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fighting to keep Children on Badgercare? Rep. Robin Vos says efforts create chaos and ruckus.

It's okay for Scott Walker to openly declare his intention to divide and conquer Wisconsinites, but fight for children's access to Badgercare...well check out what wise ass Rep. Robin Vos said about the Wisconsin Council on Families efforts for children's health care. Maybe people aren't getting it yet, but we're in a "red" state that won't tolerate dissent, or even an opposition party. From Here and Now:

In reality Vos' whimsical musings will have a devastating impact
Budget items covered in the summary include these:
1. The budget siphons off funding intended for low-income families by
transferring nearly $19 million per year more from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families block grant to the Department of Revenue.

2. It reduces funding for the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidies by $35 million.

3. It reduces funding for W-2 by $13.4 million during the biennium in spite of a caseload that has been growing, contrary to projections.

4. The bill makes about 80,000 childless adults below the federal poverty level (FPL) eligible for BadgerCare, but does so by ending coverage for nearly 90,000 parents, even though it would cost state taxpayers nearly half a billion dollars less over the next seven years to cover all adults up to 133% FPL by using federal health care reform dollars.

5. The budget expands the school voucher program statewide, which is likely to divert desperately needed funds from public schools. It also creates a $30 million per year tax break for families sending children to private schools, available even to wealthy families who are already sending their kids to private schools.

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