Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shocking Freudian Slip exposes the Republican Party of Wisconsin's true agenda!!

Already cleansed from WisPolitics and their own website, the Republican Party of Wisconsin made an inadvertent admission that pretty much describes their current get out the vote effort to turn Wisconsin “Red.” Like it isn't already? According to On the Capitol:
Wisconsin Republicans put this line in their 2013 platform on
“We believe the United States should grant citizenship only to those who want to embrace and defund American values and culture.”
We think they meant “defend.”

“I’m sure that’s a typo,” Republican Party of Wisconsin press secretary Jesse Dougherty said.
I'm sure that's just what they really meant. Take a look at how they govern. Any questions?

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  1. There's three keys, R-T-Y for "righty" between e and u on the keyboard. Typo my ass. LOL