Sunday, June 9, 2013

Republicans seek force field at border before passing Immigration Reform, that's all....

The following "must have" guarantee for Republicans may be pie-in-the-sky ridiculous, but it also sounds like a massive cost to taxpayers. Another unfunded mandate? Of course. And echoing a common Republican complaint...ONE THOUSAND PAGES? 
The Hill: Confidence among Democrats that the 1,000-page bill will pass the upper chamber was shaken last week when Rubio said he would not vote for it without changes to border security language — even though he negotiated the original draft … working on amendments to bolster border security apart from a border-security package drafted by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas).
Hey, Republicans are only asking for a little “security:”

They would require the Department of Homeland Security to achieve full situational awareness of the entire U.S.-Mexico border and complete operational control — defined as a 90-percent apprehension rate of illegal border crossers — of every border sector.
I’m surprised they left out a cure for cancer and a perfect world.

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